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We’re a family like yours -- on the go, four kids, and bubbles have always been easy to pack and make great entertainment.

But we began to notice that when we’d whip out the bubble wands at picnic and park outings, the fun stopped whenever we had to change a drenched shirt, or throw out soapy food, or wipe soap out of little eyes (with a crying child, of course!). Our smaller ones occasionally flipped over a bottle entirely, leading to soap everywhere and, once again, tears.



Luckily, Dad is an experienced entrepreneur and knew that a solution was just an invention away. Bubble Saver was born and is the result of collaboration from all over the world: Invented in Denmark, drawn in Uganda, designed in Argentina, and built in China -- with environmentally friendly products and processes, because that’s important to us, too.

We wanted to upgrade this classic game so that we and families everywhere could enjoy every “POP!” and soapy drop of fun, and we believe we’ve succeeded with Bubble Saver. Click here to learn how it works or here to go ahead and get your pack of two.